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Thank you for visiting the Dave Frey & Associates' Website. We are a Strategic Partner marketing group and provide sales and technical assistance for the Digital Radio products we represent.

Some of our manufacturers and organizations offer special Amateur Radio discounts and support. We have included those using specialized emphasis text buttons on the right side.

If we can provide a service to you, please Contact us via email (preferred) or phone.

TEKK International Introduction

We would also like to introduce you to TEKK DMR Products for both Amateur Radio (FCC Part 97) and Land Mobile (FCC Part 90) use. A great selection of low cost Amateur Radio Portables are available from our sister company Atlantic Tech Co and other select Dealers World Wide. Or for Land Mobile, please contact us directly using Contact us via email (preferred) or phone.

TEKK DMR Mini Radio D-30

TEKK DMR Radios D-200

TEKK DMR Radios D-500/D600

Please click the above models to display.

Are you looking for Walkie-Talkies with range you cannot get with other radios? If so, we may have an affordable digital solution coming soon.

If you would like to be contacted when these units are available, please contact us directly using Contact us via email (preferred) or phone.

Authorized TYT/Tytera, & TEKK DMR Amateur Radio Dealer Listings

Atlantic Tech Co
RadioTrac DF
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